Reporting Instructions

Bring the card that you are given to the C.O.S.P. office when reporting.  You are to report in person, within 7 days, to the office of C.O.S.P. located in the Phelps County Courthouse, 3rd Floor, Suite 313, Rolla MO, 65401.

Phone  573-458-6069
Fax  573-458-6068

Upon arrival, you will be required to register and pay a fee.  No personal checks accepted.

C.O.S.P. will arrange for you to perform your Community Service.  You will be expected to report to the worksite on the day scheduled, on time, and arrange a work schedule with the supervisor, which you must follow to complete your Community Service.

When you have successfully completed your Community Service, C.O.S.P. will advise the court of your completion.  If you fail to report on time, or fail to show up for work as you have arranged, or do unsatisfactory work, or fail to pay the fee, you will be returned to the court.